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15 კომენტარი

    Only two weeks until the patch :D

    Kimi Räikkönen

      Just in patch is delayed 2 months

        კომენტარი წაშალა მოდერატორმა

          i feel sad for sven :(

          cho SLy4ilas'

            Loch is damn good on 3k, I already gain +500mmr just playing on lich


              The fact that this patch has gone on for so long just means we are gonna see the same heroes in every game ala void, gyro, kotl, etc. I hope we get some drastic changes not only to the meta but to the map/talents as well.

              Stone Cold Steve Austin

                This is by far the most time between two major patch versions (7.22 that came out in may, and 7.23), I'm not sure I'm liking it, the meta can evolve all it wants by people and teams trying out new things and realizing it works pretty well, and that's good, but still there's no way to avoid the game getting stale.
                Stale enough for me to be on my least active ever since I started playing Dota 1 well over a decade ago.

                your dad

                  @AvoNKraD you can say that again. I was playing 2-5 games a day before TI and now I barely play 2 games a week. I understand that Valve needs to make sure that the patch is sound, but I believe that giving a big patch before the first minor/major after ESL One would have been best, as it would have allowed for the new season to be truly new. Couple the stale patch, with the rest from LGD, old Liquid, OG, and Secret, and I am not hyped at all to watch the major


                    I think we're all in the same boat here, guys) You can't imagine how hard it gets by the end of the patch life-cycle to find something new and interesting to discuss. I swear, if I have to write "TANKY FRONTLINE OFFLANER" or "MIXED DAMAGE CORE" once again, I will go crazy.

                    At least my TI9 Predictions turned out ok, am I right? )

                    Let's just make a petition/begging post on Reddit about how we would really love for the Major patch to come out within a week or two after TI. Lay down the groundwork and such.

                    კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                      It wouldn't even have to be within two weeks, just before the new Pro Circuit season comes out would be nice. It'd make perfect sense for the patch to land as soon as the Pro Roster change window shuts.

                      I haven't been able to play Dota recently as I've moved house and need to get a new set up but until the patch drops I don't feel motivated to buy what I need to play.

                      Stone Cold Steve Austin

                        Damn straight, KawaiiSocks.
                        To be honest, I'm fine with 3-4 month cycles between major patches, but over half a year is a bit too much.


                          Closing Thoughts : If you don't wanna get low priority or get flamed, Don't pick CK!

                          par73 KB24 | GTUBE

                            Why are they even having the new season tournaments attribute DPC points in the old TI9 patch when the next years champions win and compete on a new patch?

                            Is the excuse 2 new heroes?

                            besto frendo

                              Can't wait for the new patch


                                Your TI9 predict sucks

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