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Hands of Sturgeon


    matt dagon

      mirana spammer here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


        10/10 thumbnail btw


          Keeper seems pissed.


            I would give Ursa's Enrage the Aghanim Scepter upgrade without having to buy the item and give it another different upgrade, something like: decrease cooldown of his ulty and having 2 stacks of Fury Swipes, each with its own cooldown. Dunno if that would be too op in pubs though...

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            Dr Fart, PhD

              Make will-o-wisp pierce spell immunity and he'd be in a good spot. I'd even be fine if they made that his level 25 talent instead of +3 flickers. As of now, like it was said, it's way too easy for a core to press BKB/spell immunity ability and hit the wisp. You can also just walk out of it pretty easy too. It's basically a 1-2 sec stun on a 120 sec cooldown.


                Everything what is written about clock and kotl is wrong. Clock got a lot of armor, base 2 + talent on lvl 10 (5 armor or smth) + phase boots make him pretty tanky. Also his ulty can be casted from quite some distance. His first and second spells are some kind of control, his ulty pierces bkb, and third spell gives vision + push lanes over all map + it gives you true sight with one of your talents. Also clock can be played as pos 5 4 and 3. So all what was written about clock is super wrong. Clock is super active from the moment he gets his ulty. So the fact that clock was not picked is just as mystery as it is for ursa. Kotl can be played pos 4 or 5, and kotl is very helpful right now. He got mana restore + mana leak at same time, so his 3rd spell is very versatile, good at defence and attack. His 2nd spell is a huge aoe spell that makes you miss in 50 or 60% of ur attacks, his first spell is still a heal during a daytime. And his ulty is a big aoe spell that can be easily casted in chrono to not allow void kill kotl's teammates. The analysis is pretty bad, because there's no real explanation why these heroes were not picked during ti9. Just like that probably. If u try to look on previous year's heroes and 2 years ago, you will have the same conclusion. Its just like that. There's no real explanation. Probably one explanation might be, what sense to pick a hero that you didnt practice if you can pick meta shadow demon who just removes 40% of health from a hero instantly, can save the same way with his 1st spell, and makes dmg from minute one with his 3rd spell. Not to forget his ulty that removes passives and buffs + slow throw bkb. Its not that Kotl was bad, just shadow demon was op.

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                aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                  ^ just a different perspective, and you calling other's opinion is wrong. Good mentality! Keep it up!
                  Oh a Divine 2, ah sh1t here we go again :)

                  aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                    @Intelligence Ursa is still viable in certain scenario, two stacks of Fury Swipes will break the game lul



                      Ursa gets movement speed on ultimate (can also be only with a talent)

                      Kotl lvl 25 right talent: even number ultimate pierce spell immunity


                        what killed kotl was the change to refresher...

                        clock has been dead since forever

                        what killed ursa was himself

                        StEfFkE Srb

                          aikyu3 SuBi ♪ oh shit, he have a point and written a response to the text, while you are just trolling him, and yeah immortals are calling you dogshit, so you have a point on us lower skills, but not universal point.


                            Clockwerk Aghs/Talent Suggestion:
                            Activating Battery Assault will create untargetable spark plugs to where he left every 300* range he travels. Spark plugs have the Battery Assault effects, provides 300 range vision and has its own duration.

                            bag of chips

                              f for these heroes

                              Engr. Kramer

                                Can't spell Keeper of the Light without unwanted meme


                                  Why would u pick clock if you can have a hero that can spam astral spirit for just 70 mana to stomp a lane


                                    what killed ursa is clifftz

                                    Я ЕБАЛ МЕНЯ СОСАЛИ

                                      Clock spammer here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


                                        These heroes are by no means unusable or just plain bad... At least in pubs they tend to do ok. These three will definitely get some sort of buffs with the next patch. And we will again be suffering from Ursa spammers and how obnoxious that Clockwerk ult/cogs/ministun combo is... They have reworked Kotl only "recently" and I don't know if they are going to go there again... They may just take a do-over on him again. That Will-o-wisp ability was op with out the sync and now it is just a small nuisance... And he isn't played at all, even in pubs.

                                        Thank you, next

                                          Ursa kinda suprises me. But I guess his ability to push waves and hit towers is just too underwhelming for him to be relevant.


                                            Ursa is a hero killer. I'm surprised teams didn't pick him up for fast team fights and for ending the game early.


                                              Offlane enchantress was meta at the tourney that’s why Ursa wasn’t picked.

                                              BOBO WORLD

                                                shit analysis all these heroes are good and have there limitations like other heroes they were not picked because they were not included in strategies


                                                  Kotl spamer here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)