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    Imo, her Cookie is just a simple mana increase ability (maybe cooldown reduction, spell amplification and/or refreshing ability but thats about it)

    You miss her shotgun. It can be a single target stun or even a passive stun ability (much like old sniper's Headshot)

    Last but not least, i believe the Gattling gun is more suited with Gyrocopter's Rocket Barrage or even Skywrath's mystic flare. But vector targetting seems plausible as well.

    Modern Apparition

      It's obvious the monster is gonna come out from the lanes like wrath of morokai. It's been awhile since we've had a sit-in-base-and-ult kinda hero since Zeus and AA.


        Also note that earlier in the trailer the lizard eats a melee creep, so it can potentially be a devour-esque mechanic where a certain amount of time after eating a creep/neutral the lizard's lava breath ability becomes available.


          Maybe cookie is like a discount rune


            i think cookie is a spell amplification


              I think they may have inspiration partly from HON's Nitro ( something like a duo unit where it could be that Snapfire is the shooter and maybe the beast can be detached from her if necessary like an ulti? ), but i havent really gotten to play that hero before.

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                The aghs thing actually sounds possible cuz they gave aghs to everyone sorta recently. Could’ve been setting up for this hero maybe

                კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                  If the new heroes don't already have aghs we riot.

                  Kimi Räikkönen

                    Cookie may be a mini cheese. HP and mana insta restore.

                    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ



                        Dude above me is correct. Why has there not been a hot fix on Alch. Hero is broken. If I can win 100% of games with it, something is wrong. Basically if the game don’t end before 15 mins, Alch team wins. Also, faceless void for some reason seems pretty busted right now. Can’t really think why though. Maybe everyone just figured out time lock was nuts with enough attack speed. Like a stronger version of troll warlord basically with a way better ultimate.


                          55% is op to you??? Alchemist has a 55% win rate at the top tier in pubs... He isn't even on the top of the list. Though the heroes above are the "specialists" that are probably mostly played by people who know how to play them well. Lycan, Visage etc.

                          And Void has always been good... That bashing ability is god tier, you didn't know that? And Void is hard to kill in the early game as he can jump away and forget some of the damage he takes. But these dudes aren't that over powered... They are just the flavors of the day for now. When the new patch comes out in a week or so, these things will change. Alchemist will likely get some nerf, most likely his Greevil's Greed ability will be nerfed again... As that would delay his power spike so he isn't so far ahead in the early game.

                          These same exact comments could have been made about Wind Ranger before TI, and she is still as good as she was before... It's not like they nerfed her during TI. It's just that the pros didn't play her as much, but when they did, she performed quite well. That no cooldown wind run with invisibility is just too good. I'd say that talent needs to go, a few second delay on being immune to physical attacks is OP enough. You don't need to be non-targettable as well, so you can't get a spell cast on you... Imagine if you had Shadow Blade with a 6 second cooldown... And with lvl 25, it goes even lower than that. You basically have 6 seconds to kill/stun lock her now... And that is just too much, and it is not like Slark that you can follow her around to when it stops, she moves too fast for that.

                          But to be on topic, I think the cookie might give a "maxed out version" of a spell on a single usage, meaning all skill levels, aghs upgrades and talents. That would be good, but there will most likely be some limitations on this, it could be that these bonuses stack up with the skill levels. So lvl 1 cookie isn't as powerful as lvl 4 cookie. I don't think they'd go for a "more uses" route here as it could become quite unstable for the game, but a one time use isn't all that game breaking. And there is most likely a nice cooking period for this, it could also be that there is like a 60 second cooldown on the ability and you get several uses for it, like 5 cookies or something. With some type of a cooldown on how often can you benefit from them... So you could buff your team for a team fight with giving cookies all around, but you wouldn't be able to just feed them all to that six slotted AM to keep him going harder than he should...


                            wait until they nerf alchemist


                              wich are the four heroes that have break ?? viper is one and with aghanim`s upgrade doom and shadow demon


                                Nyx ult breaks the target as well...


                                  I miss nyx ulti thanks


                                    The cookys Grants Access to both sides of the Next Talents or the highest you have Access to for a Short amount of Time. With aghs the Target gets all Talents for a Short amount of Time.

                                    With a Level 20 Talent the buff gets +4 Seconds.


                                      I have my own theories on YouTube about the 2 new heroes. some similar ideas and some unique ones.

                                      You can find my Snapfire video here -

                                      You can find my Void Spirit video here -

                                      hungry from dan flashes

                                        I think the cookies do different things to different heroes, hence the face of each hero on the cookie.

                                        კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                          Gyro begs to differ from Wind beeing the only hero who can move and shoot at the same time.


                                            i think the cookies only work with couple of hero, not all of the hero. if it can work with every hero why they draw their pic in the cookies, why not just a simple cookies without pic.

                                            Diva D

                                              She gets a cookie every talent and it's a consumable her teammates can use to get both branches of the tree for that level


                                                Its might be a p4 p5 hero O_0;
                                                The first spell might be trap which has been introduced at the startpoint of the video(Trailer)
                                                2nd spell might be cookies _mana regen or hp regen buffing teammate may be also speed or spell refreshing to a definate percent(I think it has coldown reduction also ) to counter Antimage aghnim ultimate.
                                                3rd spell might be knocking back! like sniper
                                                the ulti may be changing form to dragon rider (gain more movement speed and attack speed )and also its has extra ability like dark willow and old kotl
                                                jumping ability and shotting ability from dragon (armor reduction and fear!)

                                                The _real _Zee


                                                  Your TI9 predict sucks

                                                  Cat or throw

                                                    1.shotgun v aoe damage
                                                    2.jump o aoe damage
                                                    3.cookies buff
                                                    4.stand gattling