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    Teams are probably gonna save meepo strats for main stage so 5 games seems like a stretch

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        lowest death i bet weaver, i dont think naga siren
        high kill ember for sure

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          sven’s been nerfed to hell already. I can’t foresee him being anything outside a counter pick to certain lineups anymore.


            Blood is not a good pick on a TI, remember last finals pls


              Sand king is a more reliable pick than spirit breaker who can be run as a 3 or 4 with better laning, better team fight, has received a number of buffs to his skills in recent patches, and was also top picked hero of the last big tier 1 tournament Epicentre.

              He’s way more likely to be top pick of TI too.

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                This dragon Knight pick makes 0 sens.


                  Is the writer unaware that Alch is being played as a safe laner this patch and is looking to be insanely strong? He should be up there for highest last hits per min with the other choices, especially with people taking the cleave talent now and farming all game. I am expecting Liquid to wipe the floor with teams that aren't aware of their alch strats in the group stage and then get it once or twice more times on the main stage and others will probably follow.

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                    @Ilt.-Leo It's highest kills with a minimum of 5 games. You generally don't want to pick a highly contested hero for that because the odds are the average lowers with more games played. A hero with high kill potential and low picks is exactly the type to get highest kill average at the tournament. Like a BS, Meepo, Huskar, etc.

                    I also agree with Gym 5 on SB. He'll probably be a hero picked early on who falls out of favor as the tournament goes on, as teams realize he adds nothing to taking objectives or clearing waves, and is a much less reliable initiator and weaker team fighter than other 3/4 flexes (he's been played as a 3 a bit too.).

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                    CraVe #NoToWar

                      what happened to WR regarding kill avg and highest kills in a game?


                        I think most banned will be Alchemist. The logic says Chen/IO, but I bet Alch will see a lot of success to the point he will always be banned. It's not easy to shut him down, and he could be played in both mid, and safe lane.

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                          Retard prediction

                          Old Cap

                            Dragon Knight has very low win rate in Divine-Immortal bracket, chances are the hero wont even be picked 5 times. Bad prediction. If i have to guess i think Brood mother is a much better choice.




                                KawaiiSocks, stop write about Meta or esport you are absolutely bad at it. This is not a trash. There is a lot of people who want to write about meta/esport, let them write and stop saying shit. Please, don't be stupid.