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disgusting little freak

    I would like to see icefrog make the game not fucking centered around the laning stage so heroes who aren't good in it can actually fucking play dota

    Baked Bean Bandit

      LOL its a team game. even when you have no real friends and join a game you still have to play as a team. It's more than just one hero selection.

      კომენტარი შეიცვალა

        But the patch was never intended to perfect balance meta.
        Just to change flavor of the meta every month.


          Chen becomes the old IO, super useful in competitive scene whilst being complete garbage in the pub, especially <4k ones. Bummer


            Shadow shaman was the new bane right noe. The only thing bane do much better is sustain. Shaman can farm much quickly,take tower and let also not forgetting about hexes.


              Stale meta. Cannot wait for 7.22. Please rework Chen, so he is not complete garbage for pub games.


                you know what would be amazing?

                If they created a timer on partially shareable items so it returns to their owner after 5 min or something, so we could actually make use of this feature in pubs like they do on pro games.


                  I think aether lens needs a recipe rework (no mana given) or its bonus cast range nerfed. Shaman going brown boots into aether lens straight with 125 cast range talent is simply too good.

                    კომენტარი წაშალა მოდერატორმა

                      if you have a trash chen player in team, he will throw your team to fortain :/

                      Inactive player

                        Garbage meta honestly


                          the actual meta is indeed not really interesting. I hope it will change soon.
                          We want some heroes back like puck, windranger, invoker, axe


                            ITT : 2k players complaining about the meta kappa

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