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    awek lu curang dengan mam...

      2nd and im gay


        I dont care


          4th and im straight

          aikyu3 SuBi ♪

            Guess we can put Tide in dormant now once again.
            Also, <5k mmr don't care and 10/10 would pick Juggernaunt.


              Get ready for meta abusers who first picks the hero that shortly gets countered, and flames the whole team for being “useless” while he feeds and afk farms...


                ^much better than first pick pa players who cant farm battlefury in 20 mins


                  I usually don't build radiance on LS...

                  My regular build on him is:
                  Phase boots
                  Sange & Yasha

                  And here is when it comes situational choices like "linkens, MKB, Mjollnir" but I usually go for:
                  Assault C.
                  Abyssal B.

                  You think is extremely necessary to run radiance or even Midas before radiance?

                  38 39 rs

                    just pick ls every game its not rocket science, ez win

                    Natalie Sup'Portman

                      Well this just makes my Bane really happy :D


                        I don't think he needs a nerf yet. As his win rate took some time to get there, the meta will find a way to deal with him. I rather see a nerf on PA/JUGGER/PUDGE so I don't have to see them in every single game.

                        Dark Hunter

                          IO broken.
                          > enemy picks PA
                          IO: uh oh x.x


                            midas is core on ls now. Situationally get it before phase (even before brownies sometimes) but try to get it before min 10. Then go deso or rad build depending on line up. Rad if against illusions/heavy kite heroes. etc. There was an immortal post about it somewhere. Good stuff.

                            Dank Duke

                              I just wrote to my mate "Ah damn! The plebs have caught on, now my Wunderwaffe isn't so geheim anymore". I have been playing Lifestealer with great success in both ranked and unranked over the last few weeks. Just finished yet another stomp, coming in at 30/0/15. I must say I started playing him because I saw the buff to his passive (from curent HP changed to from max HP) as a subtle but effective bufff, however I did not know about the greater picture described in this article. Yes, LS is finally back. He is a solid hero all around, being a good pick against both magic nukers/disablers and some carries. Also the free 6-8 second BKB is nice with a lots of lifesteal and you're almost unkillable in some scenarios. God I hope Valve doesn't nerf him, but seeing as they would have to change the way attributes and so on work otherwise I believe that in the long run a nerf is unavoidable. But I've been surprised before. His winrate as shown on Dotabuff is only ~54%, so I suppose it indeed doesn't warrant a nerf yet.

                              კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                nerf incoming


                                  Mmr stealer


                                    А какой же первый?


                                      don't nerf lifestealer he's just a poor man's jugg lol

                                      white castle sliders

                                        been spamming ls. 12-4 currently since the new patch


                                          He is way too fast

                                          კომენტარი შეიცვალა
                                          † proto †

                                            Eden, первый VISAGE

                                            კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                              Pick razor and pray :)

                                              Kename  Fin

                                                ls. back in meta again bois


                                                  can we now make a post about how shitty it is to have Ursa back to the meta?


                                                    Ursa is a cancer, especialy when you're playing support...

                                                    You're literally deleted

                                                    aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                                      ^ pick hard disable or hero that can kite him, lion/veno/ogre. Get glimmer cape so you don't feed.


                                                        i want the old mmr system where when you calibrate you get the mmr of ur playskill rather than 3500 max cap, im not pro level player about 7000+ mmr skill , but i play with 5500-6000 mmr players with friends and they say i play better than actual 6000 mmr players , but sadly i am a support player on SEA server , and im sure there are players like me , who will never achive high mmr, just cz we chose to be support role players .


                                                          please nerf him already

                                                          pinoys are assholes

                                                            got 370mmr by spamming it and i am just a 2k trash :)