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Slaybraham Lincoln

    First for the first time bitches


      I will take the second then

      whats PMA? (1 or 2)

        Tha third b mine

        Mr.MiyaGi. Orunashol

          4th pos as always.

          i love

            Hi Five!


              six for 69 arts of love in the beds


                As lucky as 7


                  lifestealer starting ms should be 325 now. not 310.

                  Carry only
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                    Otto Rocket

                      Sven got even better believe it or not lol


                        ^as and offlaner no. Losing most of your shield in early game really put some limit into him. But as a carry tho ,he became much better since it scales with strength .

                        DJ ANCUQ

                          How about lion , hes so cancer guys.. I always meet him on every match now, are these need to nerf ?

                          baba cucka

                            io not a winner?

                            Guan Yin Ma

                              Surprised that IO wasn't mentioned


                                Io is not in captain's mode. So Io will probably receive a change

                                de de de decade

                                  Winner in high MMR low MMR bracket there is no patch dude always ako mid ako feed gg noob team end plz but still defend like its their last game in their laif LMAO

                                  anti-vax mom (Karen)

                                    ^ ahhh yiss!!! the joys of my 200 mmr bracket :)

                                    adamska the ocelot

                                      what about Lone Druid, he's very powerfull now

                                      dead inside tvarь

                                        Elder titan with stacks and 200 damage on 4 minutes looks cool


                                          "Biggest Losers" No mention to slark FailFish


                                            Don't put up a picture of alchemist plssssss


                                              Kawaisucks confirmed, how you could not mention io?

                                              Pawley Lequa

                                                nice summary


                                                  Really what about meepo? He got +15 MS that is big change for meepo to catch heroes in his nets.

                                                  Jack Attack

                                                    They're finally making it to where more than 2 support heroes are viable finally. Yesss

                                                    Despair | 絶望

                                                      Does this mean that Aghanims would be a situational pickup for Sven since his shield scales with strength?


                                                        Bring back Bloodcyka


                                                          I like the fact where you outright lie about Omniknight, whose winrate didn't "drop the most", but actually increased.
                                                          Did you forget that plebs can check out the winrates too or something?


                                                            IO, Lone Druid and Sven has improved very well in win rate %


                                                              IO is finally playable. Great.


                                                                Slark, OD and AM are the true losers of this patch according to statistics.
                                                                I love that AM didnt get any nerf, but BF did, just shows how inflexible the hero is

                                                                კომენტარი შეიცვალა
                                                                < blank >

                                                                  > Ursa is currently the biggest winner

                                                                  Heroes > Trends

                                                                  Lifestealer +9,45%
                                                                  Ursa +6,00%



                                                                    Seems like strength carries are the new hotness for this patch. Midas is viable again, now that bounty on melee creeps reduced, and also + attack speed for strength cores.


                                                                      When changes are made mainly for pro-scene, but they adapting slower than pub players


                                                                        Kenuy tek me plis


                                                                          Seems good