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    Good article.

    I've found lately my favourite safe lane is lycan with the new howl. It gives such a boost both offensively and defensively that it can easily lead to every single lane crushing.


      No Gyro with Wisp :feelsbadman:


        what about lifestealer?


          Nobody levels howl In the laning stage. What drugs convinced you that was a good idea?


            And who the fuck skip feral fucking impulse on lycan

            < blank >

              >what about lifestealer?
              Dead hero


                "Counterspell is an incredibly powerful ability that the hero essentially got for free—there were no associated nerfs to other aspects of the hero in the original patch." Lul No associated nerf, apart from the HUGE difference of that -5% when you take the talent at 25 (not much of a difference before the talent though)


                  Sven man, I miss him :c


                    @Matrice Thx, fixed!

                    Weebs with few screws loose

                      Slark got back because the leash mechanic, now he can cancel ur TP and can't just pop TP or use Blink to escape

                      я на транках!

                        why no techies carry :(


                          Jugg with MoonShard/Manta/Diffusal Blade is fucking top Dps hero which destoys everything...


                            We getting a pos 4 article or not?


                              hi mom


                                Lifestealer isn't that dead, just saw a couple of high-mmr games where he crippled PA

                                aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                  Naix --> a creep with magic immunity and slow.
                                  Lycan without ulti = a mega creep.


                                    Lifestealer IS dead. Just because you saw him due good in a couple of high MMR games against PA means nothing. He attacks laughably slow and is old utility of get people below 50% HP ASAP was replaced with "take forever to get them to 0."

                                    And to the other post, a 5 % loss of Magic Resistance is NOT a huge nerf on AM in exchange for a free lotus orb.


                                      Why no mentions on PL? Win condition?


                                        Pl finally got balanced that's why he wasn't mentioned.

                                        Don't Go

                                          havent seen a pl win a game outside of pro games since 2017


                                            Where terrorblade????


                                              how about clinkz with his new ULTi!!

                                              Randy Konek TegangBerotot

                                                too late


                                                  all str carry is dead


                                                    So, apologies, but you talk about carries in 7.20 and focus on a 50% winrate carry, and literally don't mention 58% win-rate top tier Lycan. Lycan winning games isn't a surprise over the past few games. Then comes Huskar at 56% or higher across the board. Am I taking crazy pills? With all due respect, how did you literally miss the point, sir?


                                                      mk worst hero in this game

                                                      black november

                                                        "Moreover, people are wrongly treating the hero as a hard carry—Monkey King doesn’t scale well enough to be a win condition in the late game. "

                                                        It's actually vice versa. People play him as roamer and they have 0 farm and level, but MK is useless without it. Yes he can bully at lvl 2 but without farm he becomes useless and thus are his 45% WR. MK can be decent carry in late game if played right.

                                                        Also yes, article missed main carries this patch - Huskar and Lycan. Slark is very mediocre now and MK isn't a treat at all.

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