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    First 😎😎


      lul zomg

      Mother of Dragons

        юзлесс герой, если не контрпик


          especially useful against a tri-lane Kappa any fucking support zones titan out he is shit in terms of harrassing, is this an article on solo mid titan?

          beached whale

            I too do two thing. Be vary of that


              His clunkiness reminds me of the old Alchemist


                Ok, I'll try


                  If his echo stomp had a large point cast instead of channeling (cancel-able) that'd be sweet.


                    ET my favorite hero. lvl15 on Dota +





                        My fav hero ET 🤜

                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                          That would make the skill easy to use as a threat without ever really using a ton of mana. Max it, keep astral spirit low and you can dictate where opponents go in lane by revving and cancelling. Miiiight be op with the right handler?


                            Im glad that he got a spotlight that he deserves, as many other underlooked heroes


                              Plus he's great around rosh


                                I think you mean "overlooked."


                                  Buying ATOS, using ATOS, using Astral Spirit (if range to enemy is too big), then use Echo Stomp, after this u can use Ultimate (if u pick talant -75 sec Ultimate couldown, u will have good combo with good couldown).

                                  For more damage u can buy Desolator & Assault Cuirass


                                    Wow) Elder Titan)))

                                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                      Atos really has been the savior of many heroes in lower mmr games, but it does still become just another thing countered by bkb and manta in mid to late stages of the game. I'm not here to say that the item is useless or that bkb counters everything (look how effective Willow was during TI in the late game) but I do feel it's easy to overvalue the item. Euls, on the other hand, is a much stronger disable (prevents item usage). Euls naturally provides a blink cancel (50 fall damage) as well, leaving Atos as the stronger choice only when skill based movement options are available (qop, storm, am, etc). Your timing will still have to be as good as you can make it when outside forms of dispels are available and when the target has a force staff, but forcing the use of one or both of those spells is often a net win during a teamfight for your side.

                                      Black Capped Chickadee

                                        60% skil based + 30% luck + 10% team draft. This hero doesn't give a shit regarding opponent line up (being one tricking for sometimes now. I always first pick.) However, this hero are way too situational since his ult is basically one of hardest skill to use in game to be fully effective. (almost 4 sec set up but almost 60% max HP deduction in a straight line.) Probably one of the strongest late game support since due to his passive and earth splitter can punish enemies out of position massively, and his lvl 25 cut his ult down to about 25 sec as cd, with oct.core is about 20 sec per ult. WHAT SUPPORT IN LATE GAME ARE THAT BROKEN if the team has a good set up spells for you (you got a warlock ult drop + fatal bond,fv's good Chrono, you stomped and drop ult, watch enemy HP down to almost nothing.)


                                          Nice article. I love it


                                            why're you getting people to play my hero? And he's not a "support", he's a pos 3 offlane carry. Get it right.

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                                            Slaughtr Destny[0]

                                              ET needs a buff. Make it so if stomp gets interrupted, it doesn't put the skill on cooldown. Also change his Ags to make him swap places with the spirit. Let ET be fun and mobile again.

                                              Anyone that plays Aether lens and Aghanim's Scepter on this hero hasn't lived.

                                              Black Capped Chickadee

                                                @JMafla feel you man, don't buff him cuz IOSfrog is going to nerf him bad when everybody spamming him in the future.

                                                Crazy End

                                                  I have to hugely disagree on some points. Qualifying ET as a support hero is just reducing and underestimating his value. Titan is one of the most polyvalent heroes in Doto who can adapt to most lineups easily with the right items and playstyle while also being able to stay fearsome late-game. He can supp of course but I see him as a way more potent semi-carry/semi-tank-utility hero. He can dish out tremendous damage at any point of the game and litterally oblitterate a lvl 25 agility carry with his combo and his aura without any particular item but he can also be a tanky frontliner who catalysts his team's damage by his mere existence. He's also one of the only heroes who can buy w h a t e v e r h e w a n t s and still make it work greatly. The only things a good ET fears are ennemies he can't stomp for whatever reason (jugg's spin, ls' rage, mobility or slow items/spells, etc.) and hard disablers (bashes chainstuns, banishing, etc.).
                                                  Personnally, I like to play him as a core offlaner to take advantage of his early damage and snowball through ganks and teamfights until he gets the "carry talents" (move speed, AS damage, Attack speed, "I litterally can't die as long as I'm hitting").

                                                  Constantino I

                                                    sable de eco = gg


                                                      talking about ET here ? 2k games here! 58% win
                                                      Its a position 3 hero god dammit, Slap a blademail and armor and you got the best initiator in the game.
                                                      I miss the +15 armor at level 25 though

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                                                        I've been impressed by people in the comment, i might not have the only to play ET, I saw a guy going armlet, rod of atos. damn why not! but never ever put that beast on position 5, pros are WRONG!



                                                          192 pro games of Elder Titan have been played since 7.00. 18 in the core position, 173 as support (and 1 that couldn't be classed, I guess). Better get to explaining to the pro's how to play ET the right way, since apparently you know better!

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                                                            @Kal, Pros play him and micro his spirit like donkey crap. Watch a demo of my gameplay. Thanks.


                                                              I miss refresher ET before the natural order rework all u needed was lvl 16 and refresher and you kill anyone and everyone that gets in your stomp


                                                                he he he hello ET lovers, 7.20 came and gave us a present ... ARMOOOOR.
                                                                get your items focused on stats and utility and let the spirit take care of yourself.

                                                                Im still figuring out the best position but 5 to 3 is fine i guess