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    Much needed nerfs, and yes, it has impact on those heroes, but as stated earlier, it's still boring.
    Also, rushing Manta on Spectre looks like a bad idea, and from the games I've seen from the Major's qualifiers, it is indeed unsuccessful build now.
    I hope 7.20 will make up for these things.

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      Omg 2nd commend me

      But in all seriousness; I started on the solo climb again after the release of 7.19c so I never really got to experience WK before 7.19b but I like the article says I've been spamming WK quite a bit and winning the majority of them.

      Clinkz also seems to be doing pretty well too.

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        The patch we desperately needed to fix broken heroes. Good guy gaben

        Yami Yugi

          I see, days of the future past...
          Vampiric Aura now becomes what it was in DotA1 Times...
          How Nostalgic

          Sleight of My Fist In You...

            boring cycle of buff - nerf - buff -nerf repeating itself

            ostad the courier stealer

              The must redicolous change of all time is mask of madnes silence!!!!!!!
              For the god remove this silence from item


                The author forgot about Ursa. Valve was thrown into the dustbin of my favorite character. Today, Ursa can not do anything on the line, including Midgame. And in the later game this character will NEVER dominate.

                Jack Attack

                  Not even an ursa player and I think the ursa nerfs were uncalled for. Should focus more on buffing the underplayed heroes at ti.


                    And what about URSA?


                      And so they nerf ursa again, and só sven is not buffed, nor jugger. More and more room for drow pickers


                        "Spectre and wk's pro days are over"...

                        Every single pro team continues to pick wk and spectre because these are two of the strongest heroes in the late game and thats what matters right now.


                          Its a 20% reduction on the Level 20 talent and a 25% reduction on the level 25 one.


                            Damn it I love the smell of fotm nerfs in the morning.


                              Most nerfs were definitely necessary, but now we need buffs for the heroes who have completely fallen off. I guess we wait for 7.20


                                Venge too became weaker in lightning fast 1v1 duels, as slower stun projectile leaves her prey more time to press their defensive buttons


                                  @KawaiiSocks: Why don't you edit your article to also include Ursa?


                                    If Icefrog managed to make the appropriate adjustments and made sure ALL heroes have 50% or lower winrate at the higher brackets in the first place, I highly doubt any hero would become particularly OP regardless of the meta. Maybe 1 or 2 exceptions like gyro and io, but that's about it.

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                                    Tu tayta

                                      Fucking pros picking Dark Willow too much, now she's getting nerfs :/

                                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                        I'm not sure that has ever been the goal. I've usually read patches under the assumption that the goal is to make the winrate inversely proportional to the pickrate. I could be wrong, but it does seem like most of the heroes getting nerfs were the ones with both a high pickrate and a high winrate, while low pickrate/high winrate heroes were mostly left alone.

                                        On top of that, surely if one hero has 48% winrate it's all but guaranteed somebody has above 50% right? A weak hero means there is a hero capitalizing on it (again just an assumption).

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                                        ʟɪʟ ᴀɴɢᴇʟ

                                          Nerf WK + Spectre as much as it's possible valve, **** these heroes :)

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                                          S U L I <3

                                            Не пиздите на инглише, чисто рашн сендвич


                                              @MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                              Yup your points make sense. Thanks.

                                              Black Capped Chickadee

                                                plz buff ET's q radius or turn it into a lvl 15 talent.


                                                  Nerf riki pls


                                                    y riki...


                                                      Nerf more!


                                                        Wraith King is still very much OP