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28 კომენტარი

    lets see some artour cryposts

    Sleight of My Fist In You...

      eg are never going to win anything with rtz in their team...they ruined a ti winning lineup to get him on board and it's been downhill for them ever since..the guy is living proof that pub stompers will not always transition well into the pro scene..miracle, ana being exceptions but rtz, arguably abed dont have what it takes at the pro level at least as far as replicating their pub form goes


        Im eg fan and i dont believe they will win with rtz


          I just hope EG will atleast make it to 5th or 6th

          Alyssum Myosotis

            Well at least eg has rtz instead of fear. I wonder what if rtz swapped into utility place (like notail does). But one question. WHERE'S MY BOI PAIN GAMING AT? W33HA WILL GET THEM TROPHY BACK HOME (srsly, where are they)


              Ma nibba sumail do it again


                reso again kick eg from ti


                  did we forget about OG?


                    I mean .... EG needed 2 open qualifier and 3 NA slot to get here so....there is not that much to say.


                      Kinda sucks for buboka. He took a real hit when roamers started becoming less and less prominent


                        RTZ - 'get me out of this gaaaame'


                          what is that rtz hair

                          Excuse me, what the fuck

                            Need more photoshop


                              go OPTIC go ZAI go OPTIC go ZAI go OPTIC go ZAI go OPTIC go ZAI


                                back in 2k15 or 2k16 EG was either placed 3rd or 2nd and in 2k17......... I crying inside. And now things are looking good. I always support EG and that comes to TI prediction of which team will win. As I like EG but I don't think they gonna win not because of Arteezy.


                                  really hope EG dont win. awful sportsmanship and integrity. just chasing money and the temporary glory of a championship at whatever cost. sad.

                                  ugly, short and fat.

                                    All suffering from pelvic anterior tilt I'm sure


                                      Can't wait for Fnatic vs EG. :happy:


                                        That EG picture... OG at the core 😂

                                        Dog Number 1

                                          "EG looks like the strongest team in the region"

                                          >implying NA is strong

                                          1378x바보가되지 마라.

                                            rtc gl hf.

                                            low priority feeder

                                              They may be good at Dota but I bet none of these loser have ever been laid. ... by a woman.


                                                Lol on the picture it looks like s4 is trying to get his biceps to look bigger to catch up on fly ! To be fair this dude is BUFF AS F


                                                  In a way, every team is strong.
                                                  How everything will be in practice - it is necessary to look.