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MM.Ugh Brock Hall

    Totally agree that Weave is underappreciated. It's not uncommon to see Dazzle paired with something like Axe, but really anything that drags the fight out and keeps the enemy in place is awesome. Run Centaur with him and you can keep the fight going longer than the enemy wants it to last, or pop Weave after a Tide ult. Dark Seer is great to position the best aggressive weave.

    On the subject of Dazzle vs Oracle, I'd venture to guess that Oracle is better suited towards teams with low health and Dazzle for tankier teams. Tanky teams can make better use of Weave as it bolsters their sustain and generally do better against cc anyway, so they don't have AS much need for healing and dispels to help them avoid being bursted down. Sure, they can get more healing from Oracle overall than a low health teammate can, but a low health teammate can't utilize Weave as much. Both are great against physical dmg teams for sure though, so if one is banned the other will still be impactful.


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      Jack Attack

        Will need a couple more buffs to turn my head.

        Suck My Duck

          Not a big deal but the tittle says supports and you only talk about Dazzle, still the hero diserves it and it's a good article.


            It's probably going to be a series for a bit, hence the plural


              axe disagrees :-)

              Kename  Fin

                sounds great


                  Definitely one of my favorites heroes. I remember first time playing dota2 as a supp playing it so much because PPD and Puppey play it a lot in pro scene. Even tho Oracle imo slightly better hero. I still prefer playing dazzle. I dont know why but there's satisfaction everytime i can save my teammates with shallow grave.

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                  Carrot Man

                    Why is dazzle weak early? my fav support is dazzle and i think he gets weaker during late game. but still i reckon he is the best support in game with slow, heal , and buff

                    ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                      I don't like dazzel i like supports who have survival or deal damage lots of damage


                        Important to mention that Poison Touch is physical damage, so you can get extra millage out of it by using medallion/crest on a target under its effect and/or weave for much more damage.

                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                          @Carrot Man

                          Dazzle can't capitalize as much on his spells in the early game as much as he can later on in the game. All but one of his skills are more impactful the more units are affected and are bolstered by each other (as @Côte-de-Bone pointed out, Poison Touch is physical damage, but he didn't mention that Shadow Wave is also physical damage). Even after he dies, his spells continue to make a difference, which can often be misattributed to another source of damage. His niche status might play into the weak feeling, but similar to Drow, the right lineup can make him feel unstoppable.

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                            кусок говна, а не саппорт.
                            Саппорты которыми стоит играть - Лион, Раста, ЦМ, Джакиро, Дизраптор, Вич Доктор, Бейн, Дарк Виллоу.
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                            Yami Yugi

                              @Mr. Poopybutthole 17 hours ago
                              I don't like dazzel i like supports who have survival or deal damage lots of damage

                              So you are telling me, you like hero with #Support, #Escape, and #Nuke?

                              For you my friend, I suggest Icarus the Phoenix ^_^


                                Supports with disables and high damage are the best, Dazzel is none of them.Even oracle is better than him.Mabey he is a good pick in esport but in solo Q not.

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                                aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                  Well-written article mate. Really enjoy reading these articles, even though I dont play dota anymore.


                                    OG.Fly used to spam dazzle nearly every pro game. Ice frog nerfed him dead. Glad he's making a comeback. I'll have to try him again. Crystal maiden has been my go-to support lately.


                                      This set is so fucking expensive...

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                                        I need Oracle article about all combos


                                          Was my most used and fave support. Haven't used him for a long while.


                                            why dazzle is weak is the fact that he provides less utility when a sudden gank occurs.For example,when you're in radiant team and enemy team decide to gank by diving in.Few support heroes like Lion and shaman can do insta-hex the opposing cores or heroes like WW can just heal the teammates,flying to safety or throw SS.Dazzle in the other hand,has no retaliating skills that contribute much beside of his Shallow Grave.Hell at level 1 his Shallow Grave is so goddamn short range that i swear it cant reach the deepest part of safelane T1 jungle where allies usually hide.As support,dazzle is guaranteed to have lv 1 poison touch that is so underrated.Even if they did level it first,his heal by no mean so low,and most likely not take shallow grave at all.Compare that to warlock who can heal teammates for the whole time during laning phase with a mere 3 clarity and lv 2 shadow word.No,I'm not saying his skill is sucks.Few things that i must highlighted is not to buffing his already good skill.Dazzle needs level and in the other hand must lane-controlling the offlaner,perhaps buffing his already so low base armor by 2,increase his intelegence growth a little or increase his base STR by 3 is all he needs actually.


                                              To all of you who are saying that Oracle is better:
                                              Yes, if your team has enough wave clear. The main difference between Oracle and Dazzle's kit's is that Dazzle offers wave clear on a 6 second CD and a great armor buff/debuff, whereas Oracle offers single target burst and single target heal. So yes, in terms of save potential, Oracle's may currently be better, but in terms of pushing waves in, Dazzle is really great.