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    Its been a long time
    Nice reading Kawaisock,i wish you get 5k soon


      Nice article. I agree that Techies can be a crowd favorite and bring in some great memes into a tournament but also feel like you nailed the last point with it being such a hassle to players, viewers and tournament organizers.

      Bosnian Blade

        he is rdy.

        Green Ink

          I think even if he was enabled, he wouldn't be picked enough times for his impact to be a major concern.


            The hero is part of the game and once some changes have been made he should be incorporated! Like any hero he has strong points and counters. The mindless techies spammers have for the most part deserted us. I miss him in CM and the groovy chaos he adds :(

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              Report the captain pickes techies! They have a special place in low prio. :D


                I hope techies will be removed from the dota


                  Aeon disk counters techies


                    I wouldn't mind Techies being re-added back into captain's mode. I have a feeling they'll re-add him when they release Pango and Dark Willow into CM

                    Sleight of My Fist In You...

                      he's ready to be deleted from the game...garbage hero design

                      Frozen Throne

                        They should focus on adding an option to share the units with their party or trusted players. One courier in a game is boring. Many players in ranked game start fighting for courier since the smallest item during the early stage or mid game is very very important.
                        Also I am finding dota2 getting bored. I have been playing dota since 2007 and the changes now sucks. some heros are very very strong while others are very weak. For eg: well farmed Monkey king can kill heros like Lion, CM, WD, etc by its first spell...
                        Hate to say to my most favorite game that made me quit all other games, but its getting boring now.


                          @Scientist dude many well farmed carry's kill fragile heroes like CM,Lion ... PA?
                          And there's lots of ways to counter all of them like playing as a bait or picking a tankier support in the first place
                          i think there is share option in game under hero stats panel or around, and 1 cour is there to counter cour feeding there's very little use for more than one especially later on andit being limited to one makes cour sniping more rewarding.


                            Great article, but I think reintroducing techies to the pro scene would make it less appealing for players, since techies is probably the most hated hero in the game. I guess you could say that I love techies after playing 105 matches as him with a 63% winrate. But there isnt a single hero which gets people more upset than the crazy trio of quee, Spleen, and Spoon. It can be a 'blast' in pubs, but more serious players usually wanna leave the game as soon as somebody is browsing heroes and accidently lands on techies, report incoming. Final thoughts; might wanna leave techies out of the pro scene for now and let them giggle their way through pubs.


                              You're playing for 11 years and don't know about the shared units option?
                              I have some doubts about that.
                              Also, the fact that you're surprised that a well-farmed carry can delete a support is a bit weird.
                              Sven has been able to do that since ever, as well as most carries in the game - hence they are a carry.


                                Techies ready to be removed

                                Brünk Hüll

                                  I love the argument that EG won unfairly. It's like complaining that someone threw scissors when most people usually throw rock, thus ruining your trusty paper strategy. All teams out there are attempting to find the one thing that everyone else doesn't find that cannot be beat. It wasn't the only factor that won them the title, but it seemed like something that anyone could have picked up had they thought to.

                                  Brünk Hüll

                                    I also will put in my obligatory disagreement with the sentiment that more action means better games. Tension comes with a farming game. Too many kills means one impressive fight is a fleeting experience rather than a lasting effect on the game.

                                    The Play was an impressive turnaround, but if it happened today it would be considered just that, not monumental.


                                      sure why not


                                        The "problem" with techies is that if forces your prepare for and play the game in a way that is significantly different from what is "standard". US basketball had this issue with teams that held the ball for extreme amounts of time before the shot clock was implemented. It requires teams to devote disproportionate amount of time preparing a contingent play style and strategy. That does not evolve the game in a positive way.


                                          If he isn't included soon, then he should be removed from the game.


                                            This feels like a low effort post. EG won because people were forced to ban techies? One ban doesn't change that much, also they let CDEC have Leshrak who was first pick first ban material at the time. In at least 2 games. And they beat it. Their TI win was much much more than techies. And the hero is underpowered currently, i play it on my smurfs and despite winning more than 50% of my games it's obvious that the hero needs some love. Whining about techies is what your common pleb does. The hero in itself is good, it changes the way the game is played, much like a tinker and i don't see people whining about tinker despite him being a lot more cancerous than techies.

                                            Director of Mechanical

                                              With the introduction of aeon disk and pango ult, I believe that techies has more than enough counters to warrant a reintroduction of techies to the pro scene

                                              Keep Awake

                                                Smurfing is lame.

                                                This article is pretty good.

                                                Brünk Hüll


                                                  That's an interesting point, especially agree with the aeon disk. I think Sofa King is also right that the power of Techies is not what his skills do or how much damage they put out, but how much effort it takes to unlearn or add on gameplay habits. Attempts have been made to make him less one-note, but you still have him laying down three kinds of mines. It would be much better if you could at least have an expectation of where to be careful. The fact that he can lay mines down and leave the lane means you have to be careful even when he isn't there, stifling the entire map. At least with pudge you can be aware that he is around and his hook, while absolutely game changing, can't be felt in all lanes at once.


                                                    i report all techies players


                                                      Aeon disk doesn't counter techies funfucking skill. What it does in high level games is to prevent gangs, prevent blink initiation, delay pushes by killing creep waves (not heroes in high level), also makes supports poorer, escapes easier as none wants to chase you...
                                                      It's like a shit mermelade goo that sticks to the game and slows or negates everything that is fun. Remove mines activation far away from techis, increase mines placing coldown and lower mana cost, remake remotes and then we may start talking about not removing techies from games.

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                                                        mne pohui

                                                        < blank >

                                                          its stupid to remove a hero from competitive play cuz teams don't know how to play against him!

                                                          ZG Teliyx

                                                            techies is deffinitly ready for CM. Not only there are several Counters and Counter-items for the trio, the number of those possibilitis has increased with WK, Pango and Aeon Disk. Im currently on ca 60% winrate with techies, but i dont think he would be in the wrong place in CM. The only difference from Techies to other supportsis,th at techies are deffensivsupports , sealing one lane of free room for their carry to farm. I think they are an excelent tool in the Hand of every teamfight-based draft.

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                                                              It's time to delete Tech from Ranked.


                                                                yea just remove the hero from ranked games :)

                                                                TENGO CANCER EN EL GLANDE

                                                                  Im still waiting for game to die

                                                                  [MNI] Broodmaver

                                                                    I have a remake suggestion for techies that might be trash but i'm ganna post it in leddit.

                                                                    Leather Gear Solid

                                                                      I have an idea. Remove techies from all game modes.


                                                                        Techies is ready for captains draft if they wish to kill the game. Techies isn't even ready for ranked.


                                                                          otlichnaya idea


                                                                            It is captains mode ready for sure. Is it tournament ready? Well, idk.
                                                                            After all the changes, techies is in a good place. It requires more skill to have an impact, and it feels fair, when playing against it.


                                                                              ready for report


                                                                                i came here to whine about a hero i dont like. did i come to the right place?


                                                                                  The Techies are ready for their comeback.
                                                                                  The haters are trembling, the techies pickers rejoice.
                                                                                  The controversy is massive, the debate rages on.
                                                                                  Next TI will be a blast


                                                                                    techies are completely ready to return, in addition to having an impact on this hero you need a lot of experience (Hate is trembling)


                                                                                      who the hell cares?


                                                                                        put techies in CM :VVVVV


                                                                                          Techies are too much of opposite extremes. They can be incredibly annoying or absolutely useless depending of the player capacity. I usually don't like when people on my team pick techies since it means to usually play a 4vs5 game where a team with good synergic heroes can easily overcome 4 heroes in a teamfight despite taking some kills here and there as long as they are able to meet the other team on their terms. I would like to watch a big game played with techies, I wouldn't like to play myself a game with techies. So in order to not make other players life miserable, I say for the moment no techies in CM


                                                                                            I think techies should not be in CM because he WILL cause scheduling conflicts - agree on that point 100%
                                                                                            Hero is obnoxious and should actually just be removed from the game entirely.

                                                                                            Purist, the Omniknight.

                                                                                              This is gonna be fun! Ha ha ha!


                                                                                                Everyone who is crying because a hero has diversity minus well go back to LoL... Diversity across heros is what makes Dota 2 dynamic and a great game. If we don't want diversity then lets get rid of all of it and trash the game... starting with Tinker (20x more cancerous). Then we can follow up with Zues, AA, Spectre. Learn to appreciate dynamic in the game and adjust to it. Techies is nerfed to crap and people still complain about him. He adds dynamic to the game and if you can't deal with dynamic then this game probably has too much dynamic for you and probably outta go play something easier...


                                                                                                  Actually, since Techies ban from Captain's mode the game has been on the decline in average number of players active. Which only means one thing, Techies is dota.


                                                                                                    funny how the article says it is harder to pull off tevhies the better ypur opponent is, then assumes every weaker team will abuse him to get an edge vs better teams

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