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Scar 火猫

    U gave me dat dealing with lycan article

    The Apple

      all good but where's the article about lycan healing


        mda yzh


          lycan knows da wey to the support's ass

          < blank >

            most annoying carry

            ur parents r siblings

              how about atos? is it worth it to buy vs lycan?



                Tormenta Pls

                  NERF INCOMING!!!


                    bloodseeker ofcourse


                      You did not mention Enchantress. There has been a number of pro-games with Necrobook Lycan against Enchantress, and if I remember correctly, Enchantress team won hands down (Love to have the actual number here). Enchantress is so good against Lycan. You can't hit her due to Untouchable. Steal your necrobook with Enchant. and running just make Impetus hit harder.



                        - Transformation during Shapeshift can be interrupted.
                        - Strenght gain to 3.0.
                        - Remove his level 15 talent 12% cooldown reduction.

                        In 7.08 and he'll be more balanced I guess :3

                        კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                          His ultimate cant be interrupted, that's very huge mistake that can give people wrong info, please fix.

                          Hold me tighter...

                            This article is actually pretty bad tbh. Encantress, bs, broodmother, pl, natures, kotl are the real counters to lycan. He has no aoe (pl, brood, np, his only escape is running away (bs, encant, kotl), and he is weak to counter-push (np, kotl, brood). Lycan can literally do nothing against a broodmother, there is just no way to clear the spiders or get lasthits. Besides this if you can survive his push, he's extremely mediocre as a late-game carry can can't 1v1 any decently farmed melee carry.. His summons can be stolen and he is nearly useless in well organized team-fights. For some reason this article seems to realize none of this, instead pointing you to tusk and earthshaker, two heros comletly ignorable once he gets a bkb. Tusk particularly is not good against lycan has a 59% winrate vs tusk, actually an improvement of 1.5%. This isn't even surprising considering lycan can easily tank his burst damage, run around the shards immediately and is one of the few heroes who can outrun snowball. Even the item section is bad, he does have item counters noticeably being assault cuirass which armors buildings and reduces his attackspeed, atos to root him, ghost scepter, and helm of the dominator to take his summon/catapult.


                              this article is legit bs


                                so the article is basically no counter against him


                                  How to counter enemy's Lycan? Pick Lycan before your oponent...lul

                                  Tables 🦔

                                    The last time this author played Lycan it was 2014 and he had a 33% wr. Against Lycan just pick lockdown, same as always.



                                      Lycan doesn't care about silence & Shadow Shaman's and Lion's Hex don't remove his 650 movement speed while in Shapeshift u_u


                                        As for carry hero
                                        Gyro(maybe with butter hes pretty good vs lycan)
                                        Sven is the most obvious counter to him


                                          How to deal with Lycan? Bloodseeker

                                          MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                            Atos is a little less flexible so your supports will opt for something that can be used defensively or offensively like force staff and euls. If you have a core that naturally gets atos it's certainly nice to have, even if not used on lycan every time. That being said, necro book dispel can only target enemies according to dota2 wiki so signs point to yes.

                                            Sunset Stalker

                                              The article clearly says "pick stuns instead of slows",
                                              and focus on lycan, since there is no natural counter (the definition of OP Hero).
                                              It also says that the strength of lycan comes from his pushing potential and that hes hard to catch.

                                              Of course theres a Kotl that can blind them.
                                              But is his damage enough (100 DPS) to counter the regen from passive (and maybe HotD) + 100/200 HP bonus ?
                                              Or do you still need more heroes to commit ? (which means lycan creates too much space for his team)
                                              Id still advise Kotl over Brewmaster with his long CD to stop a lycan push.

                                              Most carries can´t counter lycan early on, which means he gains some towergold and advantage for his team.

                                              Ench at least can steal the warrior, his strongest minion. She is mentionable.

                                              I would advise a lastpick Enigma.
                                              If you dont kill lycan, you just buy 90 secs of time, where he simply farms.


                                                Illusions are the best counters to lycan in team fights although most of them arent good in the meta now(CK,Naga).Bloodseeker is pretty decent againts him but his summons still deal a lot of damage....Sven is good but pretty kitable,But still the better core againts him.Also lycan can make solar crest againts PA so...The best way to deal with lycan is to dominate him before he gets to level 6 cause he kinda needs the early farm so he can snowball and take rosh and run down the midlane and end before 30 minutes.


                                                  I feel like dogs are good against wolfs, but there is no hero in dota, who is a fucking dog. WE ONLY HAVE A MONKEY, NOT A DOG! Who needs Monkeys?!?!

                                                  Sadistic Gentleman

                                                    How about an invoker blog? You havnt done any in years.


                                                      @fresh outta jungle-proffe

                                                      He is dead in the meta right now Kappa



                                                        I know the horor of the old lycan


                                                          How about to make a Nullifier? It slows the enemy for 100% so Lycan cant get away. + He can't use his bkb if he has bkb.. Seems like a good item to me vs Lycan.

                                                          stupid fuck 2000

                                                            Bloodseeker is fucking garbage against lycan, he just kills u before u can even ult him lmao.

                                                            კომენტარი შეიცვალა
                                                            Good News Everyone, I

                                                              Nullifier doesn't stop Lycan if he is already shapeshifted.

                                                              सिद्धार्थ পাল

                                                                - "With Shapeshift active, Lycan is a much more obnoxious Slark."
                                                                Slark is easliy countered with items and abilities. He is squishy.

                                                                MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                                                  @Aghanim $$$

                                                                  That seems to be his point


                                                                    Yeah kinda agree with this. Good shit sir


                                                                      You forgot to mention Tinker. Press E and Lycan can't come near you, press Q and you have a free tp etc.


                                                                        Troll + Bara perma bash > Lycan

                                                                        Black Wolf

                                                                          If Lycan uses blademail vs bloodseeker, who dies first? Lol. I gotta try that some day.


                                                                            No Sven, DK, Bara or Bloodseeker?


                                                                              So if he lastpicks, and you don't have the hero counters, GG? Seems fair