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Malcolm Turnrate
    კომენტარი წაშალა მოდერატორმა
      კომენტარი წაშალა მოდერატორმა
      Eat Soup With A Fork



          Chinese doto best doto


            chinook triumpfing


              Нави все еще в финале?? Ждем Na`vi.Resolution pogchamp


                love you
                KURO :)


                  Liquid are doing it.


                    Because of massive money, Dota2 is too much competitive nowadays. even more than Olympics. Its not even a game anymore! Every aspect of the game related to pro scene and not the ACTUAL players (I mean the people who play the game for fun). If this trend continued, There will be no future for regular players in Dota (or even no future for the very game!).

                    Domination of just ONE country is not good for Dota. Not good at all. Lets see International 2018 and support of non-Chinese from the game....

                    P.N: By the way i'm a horrible player. Don't need to look at my profile.

                    კომენტარი შეიცვალა
                    >tfw no gamer girl peeing gf

                      Newbee gonna win their second Aegis!


                        frontpage on dotabuff, thx for the spoiler before i even watched the games.

                        კომენტარი შეიცვალა
                        Gif our mana back icefrog™

                          Keep in mind that China, US and Russia have the most dota players. It's not surprising that their teams do better than other regions in TI. Moreover I guess fast paced dota usually favors China and CIS and slow paced metas usually favors EU and US.


                            ez for miracle


                              LUL git rekt China fanboys. LIQUID HAVE DONE IT!