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      dotabuff articles are quite good. that being said, i am quite good at losing on clinkz


        The real question is treads or phase boots.


          Nice desolator + skadi :D

          Murtabak Iqhwan


            Mr Meow

              Some errors in the article:

              * Strafe is always picked at lvl.4 since it is never necessary before that.
              * Searing arrows lvl2 is 99,99% what u pick at level 3
              * That Deso + Skadi ....

              * Clinkz can be built towards team fights, getting an AC after Deso / BKB.
              * Helm of the dominator is never really an option, U want Deso as your UAM, and if u got orchid instead u cannot afford to not build a Damage item afterwards.


                @NEXT, it is really works. We can buy desolator at 15-20 min of game. We have greate DPS, cuz desolator gives -6 armor (it is really cool on this stage of game). Then we can buy bkb and so on.

                In late geme all heroes have armor. So, desalator works not so good as in early game. Also, we need HP. When we buy skadi, we get HP + slow for enemy. Desolator just gives us damage, without his orb, but it is not big deal, really.

                2k player

                  PGS Meow... you play in normal/high rated games & you believe you know shit about the game?
                  Rush soul ring & abuse strafe/searing lvl 2 -- so that horse shit about lvl 4 Strafe just because you don't know how to play... same deal with the comments on deso/skadi ; most of you can't even find the time to last hit corrrectly... so leave thinking to people who can.
                  And no... AC is easily top 5 worst expensive item for Clinkz in the game -- BKB is already gearing for teamfights -- Hex/Daedalus/MKB are basically all better items than AC.
                  300 games with Cllinkz in shit tier just makes you a shit tier Clinkz ; by no means does it back up your claims... all the opposite in fact.

                  KawaiiSocks may seriously suck at the game ; but he's smarter than most of you tools so go back to your shed.

                  ps: HoD Clinkz is actually perfectly viable -- but you think it's to have a UAM... just about confirms your lack of Knowledge. Dominating + Deathpact a creep since it's HP is raised to the max a neutral has : 1400 hp.
                  Meaning you don't have to jungle hunt for Pact... So say Socks is wrong when you're smart enough to know what he's talking about.


                    @YotKa heeyyy...) I am still recovering from a 12-loss streak, no need to rub it in)

                    კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                      Nice Article. Speaking of being situational, a clinkz pick is really good when u have extreme vision advantage (kotl, ns, treant,etc), coz i have seen a lot of times when enemies are able to juke within trees and clinkz is rendered useless. Also, never pick this hero if aforementioned heroes are in the enemy team. A nightstalker with aghs and gem, for example, will destroy a clinkz's game.

                      Sleight of My Fist In You...

                        good to see the frequency of articles has increased with varying topics....keep it up (y)

                        Jack Lev

                          If you are in low MMR just play Clinkz! :)

                          Dogg Father

                            @java8 @NEXT this is working too with passive abilities of this items. Deso for towers and skadi for heros. Just telling :P




                                I rarely ever do it, but the correct skill build is to take arrows, then hold your skill point at 2, then take arrows again at 3
                                arrows, no skill, arrows
                                ^Then you just grab what you need when you need it


                                  You shouldn't build HotD on clinkz. However, getting someone else to build it who has the item as a core is a great idea.

                                  კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                    The truth is... that, the last games that I've been playing in normal skilled games whoever gets wards on his map loses, cause the support is wasting time walking all the way to go there to ward and not be effective, helping his carry, or teammates on team group fights or even just farming and harrasing for himself. Isn't it funny?

                                    AND... There are a lot of players on normal skill bracket, if not 99.9% of the one's who called themselves supports (Which is, think about it) REALLY LOW number on NSB, that thinks that all they have to do is buy a currier, upgrade it and put this "shitty" wards (that are usefull for only players with no map awareness imo, or ok to secure ROSH). So, you end up losing, because this 'support' is level 14 when you are all 17-18 to 25, or because you're having fights without any possible assistance, control. Which is "BS""

                                    So I'm gonna have to say this (PLease don't throw stones on me Dota Community I know it can be dangerous but it is the truth): "PLEASE, "Supports" STOP PLACING WARDS, THIS IS NOT YOUR MAIN GOAL AS BEING A SUPPORT, YOUR MAIN GOAL IS TO GET YOUR CARRY FARMING, AND ALL POSSIBLE ASSISTANT YOU CAN GIVE HIM, IN FIGHTS, TEAM FIGHTS, AND TEAM TO PUSH LANES, AND WIN".

                                    *note: If f you secure ALL of this, then you can go and place your wards assh***.

                                      კომენტარი წაიშალა
                                      bad team

                                        what the fuck I've just read?

                                        Well, guys, it's all clear now for us! WARDS ARE BAD! Yeah cuz heroes already have vision about 3k, am I right? I already can see that SB charging at me from their fountain. And that Pudge hiding in the bush too!

                                        Well, why don't you just
                                        1) quit dying at your lane while your support is warding their woods/ganking mid/jerking off?
                                        2) start utilizing vision in order to get kills much easier?
                                        3) place wards by yourself while picking rune/scouting woods?
                                        Why do you need support 18lvl if you can weaken the enemy beforehand and win in 20mins because of that? Why do you even need to enter late-game anyways?

                                        Regarding the topic, one thing cannot be denied — removed UAM from 2nd was the best feature ever iimplemented.

                                        კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                          F0r Ev3rY0n3, it's carry players like you that I got dragged down -800 mmr since 6.85 patch.
                                          I always, always, never forget to buy and place wards as a support player.
                                          But for some reason, people like you dont utilize it well to prevent a gank or position for a kill.
                                          Thanks alot. From VHS I'm in NS.

                                          The Laughing Man

                                            Seventh line down from the the ROLE caption there is a word missing.
                                            This (gives) the hero


                                              no, no, no... never blame the support.

                                              since supports have limited levels and items,
                                              it's understandable, if they often die in big fight (moreover in the latter stage).

                                              quote of the day: if you can supp better, then be support.. cause everyone can be carry

                                              The Laughing Man

                                                @Troia this is NEVER a question, for multiple reasons. Not only is the attac kspeed from treads worth 10x more on clinkz than a little extra damage, since you will mostly be running invis across the map you wont be able to effectively utilize the speed boost on your phase boots, and an even more important arguement can be made as to the attribute swapping of the treads, most notably with a soul ring. You swap to str, use soul ring to lose less hp then swap to int to make the gained mana even larger (the extra mana added back wont be lost when the ring wears off) this simple tactic makes going to cast your ult give you a huge mana AND hp boost, allowing you to never have to go back to base.


                                                  well. Never blame the support (like, all the supports on lower brackets) are the one's that that has all team disables skills to "support" team fights.... And they are never there, they are warding. LOL

                                                  @человек-мужик So, SINCE when supports dictates game flow and rhythm? Like, if I'm like farming lane and I die cause you're warding, I was bad-positioned? Since when, supports are the one's that give orders or ideas. A support might just follows and supports and game flow. And not dictate the pace of it.

                                                  Supports in lower bracket games are so bad timers. Like, STOP DOING THIS, and just play real game now...

                                                  კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                    Treads > Phase
                                                    Gives you additional attack speed and Phase active is not very useful since you can't use it while invisible.

                                                    Sei la

                                                      F0r Ev3rY0n3
                                                      Nice troll. People are actually falling for it


                                                        One of the worst heroes in the game. Got a 30% winrate on him. Had to do him for the battlepass challenge. Never again.


                                                          Nice read, interesting hero IMO. I think this hero goes along with almost the same pace as a slark with a shadowblade in terms of ganking/farming. Which brings me to the question: Why pick Clinkz when you can pick Slark? I feel as if both heroes fit a similar niche, but Slark's kit is so much more forgivable and easier to execute. I feel like there's a lot of pressure to get stuff done on the map as clinkz, whereas on slark you can sit back and farmfarmfarm. This is just my take on him, and I have BARELY played him so my knowledge is very limited.


                                                            @Murranji, maybe you're just not good with him? I think he's a solid hero.


                                                              and there goes my favorite hero now its gonna get nerfed

                                                              Keep Awake

                                                                Popular ward spots are fine, but never never feel like they're the place you MUST put wards. I use them about 40% of the time. Think, where do we want to see in the next 5 minutes; is it safe to get there and put a ward?

                                                                კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                                  That lose streak is real dude, stay strong

                                                                  Long hard road out of 2k

                                                                    yokta you play on smurf rofl shut up

                                                                    Joey Tribiani

                                                                      @[PGS] Meow

                                                                      That really isn't true. Searing level 1 is the most common as it actually gives you laning capabilities. Getting Skeleton Walk lvl1 is like getting Surge level 1 as DS. Calling in 99.99% is just flat out wrong. Also I would avoid criticising pro player's item builds when you don't even know the context and are in normal skill. I do agree with the HotD though. However sometimes Strafe at 3 is right, it gives far more DPS than a second level in Searing Arrows so is optimal if somebody ganks your lane or you have a kill opportunity. For general laning though Searing is the better choice.

                                                                      To The Moon

                                                                        Guys below 4k just read without giving your stupid comments. Because if you are good enough you already have at least 4k after calibrating your noob games .

                                                                        K A L E B O Y S

                                                                          Sometimes having only one point in Q feels lacklustre. Why not putting up 2 points in Strafe, leaving Invis with 3 points? I know that ms from invis is kind of essential, but you can sacrifice it in order to have 2 additional seconds of increased AS. That's especially good vs tanky heroes + it helps pushing.


                                                                            Toysoldier built phase boots every game and he played that hero to 6k... Its better damage for the entire early/mid game and helps you chase to get those couple last searing arrows in when you dont have skeleton walk up. It is certainly debatable.


                                                                              Clinkz is one of my favorite Hero. After 150 games with it, i'll try to give my point of view.
                                                                              I had a good winrate with him until last 2 patch where i lsot a lot, always with more or less the same build. Orchid first.

                                                                              1st: Yes this article is right, Orchid became shit. I've always played Orchid first and i can told you that, it is way too expensive for the burst it give, and it is only for one ennemy.
                                                                              - it does not work against bkb
                                                                              - it does not work against hero with Eul's scepter, making extremly more difficult to do something with him against lina or Invoker.
                                                                              An early desolator, (which you can theorically get faster than orchid) permit better early gank to ruin Invok and Lina's economy and permit better early teamfight cause the burst will not be only on One ennemy.

                                                                              The more the MMR increase, the less you will have opportunities to do gank solo. especially in team mmr. You have less opportunities, and generally less vision than in pub game. Yes you can early gank in jungle. But when you have orchid (between 12 and 25min depending on which item you went first and the farm you have) the jungling phase is generally over for the ennemy. laning phase is also finish for you because you have to gank with your teamates.

                                                                              That's my point of view for the stuff.
                                                                              Now, to answer a lot of questions about the spell build, i see that many people get wrong with strafe and other spell. Clinkz have a really shitty mana pool (like a lot of ganker), but his spells are very expensive, strafe (100), arrows (10), shadow (75), pact (100). for a mana pool of 275 if i remember good. After playing it a lot, and doing a lot of tests, here's the best build you can do in terms of constant DPS and harassing.

                                                                              So here is mine

                                                                              lvl 1 - shadow walk -> try to get rune, or escape early gank or have a good position to gank rune
                                                                              lvl 2 - arrow -> you don't need arrow lvl 1, cause it is still 10 mana and clinkz have a shit pool of mana.
                                                                              lvl 3 - arrow
                                                                              lvl 4 - Stats -> Oh wait what ? stats ? why not strafe or shadow ? There's 3 reasons.
                                                                              1st because you DO NOT HAVE enough mana to constantly last hit with arrows AND shadow walk, AND strafe AND use arrows on ennemy to harass or kill. If you loose a lot with Clinkz, it is because you're ruining yourself your early game (Clinkz is one of the best early hero in terms of dps IMO)
                                                                              2nd i take 2 slippers of agility when game start, giving you better attack to last hit without searing arrows lvl 1, and giving you, with this stats a good pool of agility, strengh and mana. Yes it is not a lot, but it is still waaayyy more effective than spell you can't use because of your shitty mana. (don't forget, 1 point in stats is basically 1 more fire arrow to launch).
                                                                              3rd you don't need strafe lvl 4. let's just imagine the following you're laning, you use somes arrows (so some mana) to last hit and harass. at this point if you want to get closer to an ennemy to kill him, you need to cloak then strafe -> boom 175 mana, leaving you nothing for arrows or cloaking back to avoid danger.
                                                                              At this point, 3 fire arrows without strafe do more damage than 6-7 normal arrows with strafe (yes yes) and if you have a good position and tempo and mana management you can cloak, get behind the guy, kill him then cloak again.
                                                                              lvl 5 arrows
                                                                              lvl 6 shadow walk
                                                                              lvl 7 arrows
                                                                              lvl 8 stats again
                                                                              lvl 9 ult
                                                                              lvl 10 strafe
                                                                              lvl 11 ult

                                                                              to conclude on this question, just don't get that expensive strafe until you're really sure that your mana allow you to cloak + strafe + full fire arrows your ennemy + cloak again. normal arrows are just a BIG loss of DPS.
                                                                              and get an acquilla ring after or before your boots.

                                                                              sorry for my english