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Oh my lord!

    First :D





        Im sorry, Im drunk

          Pls stop i have birthday


            Who remembers the good ol' times Riki + invi ward walking the sentinel field like a ghost ?
            Pepperidge farm remembers


              "Heroes of the past", "heroes of the present," waiting for "hero of the future." Come soon, Pit Lord...

              In the meantime, Currently the Enchanted Mango has a win rate of 34.38%. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due.

              Crimson Ignis

                Haha. This is pretty cool.

                albi :)

                  The sniper/troll meta was just a year ago, doesn't need to be a veteran to remember it


                    @Greentoa123 obviously mango has a shitty winrate as dotabuff only counts items at the time the game ends afaik. So obviously, if you still have a mango at the end of a game instead of some late game item you are doing something wrong, thus your winrate being low is to be expected.

                    კომენტარი შეიცვალა
                    Just can't wait to be King

                      sf will be viable


                        I miss old pl :'(, much better to split or flash farm


                          @greentoa: That is still considered spam, even if you put a different comment before it. Consider this a warning (okay this sounds so much more serious than it's supposed to be)

                          Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                            mistake in ww para last line

                            27 times picked in shanghai major?

                            o r a c l e

                              @eggs " Winter Wyvern dropped from being the 2nd highest picked hero (27 times) at the Shanghai Major..." The Frankfurt Major was the tournament


                                I hope they won't be retarded enough to nerf void just because the pros pick him quite alot,changing him from a hard carry menace to a trash initiator was enough

                                Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                                  now we 're supposed to be making vlads and aghs on void lmao

                                  last patch he was raping spec and dusa late game


                                    Please Nerf Viper For He Is So Overpowered

                                    Bear of the Polar Variety

                                      Viper isn't overpowered, unless ur a Zues versing him in mid. He's just easy to play is all.




                                          rip shadow fiend ~.~

                                          Nero Scarlet

                                            I'm just glad lesh is gone... die rainbow goat die!


                                              Anyone remember old meepo?
                                              I remember old meepo and all those items taht used to work but done anymore on him... RiP Meepo
                                              Echosalami 2 stronk


                                                RIP Lycan 6.74, nevar forget

                                                Dr. Bread

                                                  im always curious as to whether valve is patching things to make the game better or give the game novelty...

                                                  i actually am quite curious as to how much better the game has gotten over various builds. im also curious to see if the meta would keep being stale, were the game to go unpatched for a very long time. i suppose it certainly depends on the patch.

                                                  at the very least i have noticed that the game does not necessarily become increasingly balanced as a function of time in every case.


                                                    I want to go back to 6.49b


                                                      I started last August. All I remember: Bloodseeker, Storm Spirit, Techies and cancer Riki every game.

                                                      New Player

                                                        @Mogginho Same here :p


                                                          I remember of the PL cancer that was the thing the most wtf i ever seen


                                                            All im waiting for is Storm Spirit being playable again....


                                                              Agree, I miss the old PL, too.
                                                              Those illusion battles beetween PL and Shadow Demon were awesome :D

                                                              Geraldão, caçador de brux...

                                                                one thing i dont miss is bloodseeker being picked all the time on pubs


                                                                  Storm though.......


                                                                    How to get very high skill in dotabuff?

                                                                    mine vittu

                                                                      Storm spirit I miss the most BibleThump

                                                                      mid or carry player
                                                                        კომენტარი წაიშალა
                                                                        mid or carry player

                                                                          also i liked the lycan patch so much, same for op storm meta , op lesh meta, those hereos are fun , hate sniper being op , hate current ld , and sf is love sf is life always .. he'll be back soon tho,
                                                                          also current invoker is legit , hes kinda op but playing him needs skill , so ppl saying invoker pickers should ... , skillfull heroes like invoker or es being op is much much better than right click sniper or troll being op


                                                                            Nowadays Osfrog just keeps nerfing the heroes that the plebs call "OP." I miss the old osfrog.


                                                                              I really hate this current patch.
                                                                              Void offlane.. Every fucking game Voker.. shitty Earth spirit and and and...
                                                                              Waiting for next patch so hard T_T

                                                                              House Cat

                                                                                The Swagfiend will always be my favorite hero... I always play Smoke Weed Everyday by Snoop Dogg whenever I play him hahaha! Hopefully valve will make SF's Presence of the Dark Lord be toggled to affect heroes only, similar to the Ring of Aquila and Wraith King's Vampiric Aura


                                                                                  >dota veteran

                                                                                  u suck lol


                                                                                    The patches never balanced anything but its hard to make this game VERY balanced cause there are so many scenarios and osfrog isnt a god to do that . What he does instead is pull the game out of the stale zone . Im playing dota since 2008 and the game always felt fresh till recently .. it really kinda makes circles instead of going forward idk how to explain it but im sure other veterans can relate .


                                                                                      I remember when i played w3 and try that game called dota and silencer used to be like warlock (coz he was with his ultimate) a lot of funny suff like that as old scythe of vyse when u needed euls and oblivion staff.