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    Bye bye secret. Nice knowing you

    doom & gloom

      Some of these games were insanely intense, sad to see secret and ehome leave but VG and VP deserve to go further. i'd say a lot of compendium predictions went wrong today.


        my boys from secret will be back and will fuck more idiots and haters because they are the best.


          Even the best lose some time. It is natural. I wish all the teams the best :)

          Successful Predictor

            C9, when will I ever see you contending for a championship seriously? :( EE-sama please


              ^I feel you senpai, even Secret was eliminated, it was not disappointing as Na`Vi.


                damn this TI was so disappointing.


                  Give your tears, Secret fangays.


                    Only hope now for US is EG. I highly doubt Virtuous Pro can beat VG.


                      No offense @Fall, but syaing this TI was a disappointment shows how little you respect other teams, IMO. This TI is the fucking best one yet. Multiple fucking upsets, teams that you didnt even know that would go past group stages owned.

                      Many compendium predictions were wrong and while I wanted Secret or Ehome to win, I love how well teams are showing their dota and its just fucking awesome that this TI, LITERALLY EVERY TEAM HAS A CHANCE TO WIN.


                        If you really watched most TI games in its entirety - live - you will know how intense these games are. The gold and XP swings on many of them were epic. This TI runs on the 6.84 patch, which really keeps viewers on their seats, full of anticipation. 6.84 is (in)famous for its bounty and XP changes from previous patches.


                          Another game just concluded: Evil Genius vs CDEC. If you watch the game in its entirety, you'd understand how this TI is not disappointing at all.


                            CDEC, a team that never won a game, climbed all the way up from the wildcard stage, is now in the grand finals. How is that disappointing? If you watched the interview with Garder after CDEC made it to the grand finals, you will understand that CDEC players have humility. Also, they have unity and are accepting of their teammates mistakes. This is so different from most dota2 players, where people verbally abuse one another. CDEC learned from their mistakes after losing 0-2 to Evil Geniuses in the group stage.


                              n0tail saxy <3


                                Dat Secrets...


                                  duke nukem rules ti6


                                    NO! No! Team secret
                                    why?! sad tournment now the only game I have hope in left is Vici Gaming.......:'(


                                      @On my way to 0 MMR, Vici Gaming was out. You are late lol.


                                        Сикрет просто молодцы!


                                          fuck u




                                              Team Secret Fan gays

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