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      The Dark Destroyer



          Mom i am 4 th . finaly i make our family proud :)

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            5th 2ez

            Grand Sparrow

              Right clicks on Lich are a waste.


                7th woahhhhhhhhhh


                  nd i am 8th so now i can die

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                      Replicate talent loses because it will be useless on the larger scale as long as it can be get rid of as a simple illusion.
                      So many skills that instantly kills it.


                        11th ! my lucky day


                          11th ! my lucky day


                            i like undying -2 sec decay cd and dazle 1 sec cd poison touch

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                            Big Dick Pills

                              Its surprising that no one talks about terror blade 10 sec sunder....yet the 15 stats alternative have higher winrate .
                              Strange because sunder is op


                                I still think that Elder Titan is under powered. How about they reduced the channeled stun?


                                  many talents are there for using the hero another way - i think if i play morphling support with aghanim high chance i choose the extra 50% dmg , it depend of my mates . if i have problem with farming with monkey king i will get the tanky talents instead of aggresives - with TA if enemy has pudge or bat or something who can burn the shield that 3 plus is not so usefull
                                  thats why you are choosing between these


                                    Большинство альтернатив УВВ выигрывают на 4-6%, но в у TA +3 Refraction Instances выигрывает на 9.5%. Это говорит о том, что помимо относительно бесполезности УВВ талантов, альтернатива действительно очень хороша.

                                    Я даже к конструкции "но в у" цепляться не буду, секрет о бесполезности "УВВ" талантов тебе игры на 5к и ниже открывают, я так понимаю, где человек берет его чтобы чаще умирать :)

                                    Можно изгнать человека из паба, но не паб из человека.

                                    bovelrick 万歳

                                      u got item build and skill build before, now u got talent build for the extra layer, and people complain dota is getting more casual....


                                        I'm sorry, but I don't think that the logic is very sound in this one. Talents are picked according to situation - for example if a Lich player is winning, he will never choose the bonus armor for buildings because he doesn't need it and vice versa - he will always take the building armor over skadi slow if he is losing. This is the reason why one talent has much higher winrate than the other one, not because one talent would be a clearly better choice.

                                        The same can be said about Puck, Morphling (also should take into account that support and offlane Morphlings will always take the replicate talent and they have lower winrate overal) and Lanaya.

                                        Trehz .//droi:D

                                          20th posi is mine.

                                          Trehz .//droi:D

                                            21st also mine. Moafuckaz


                                              22nd ! owh yeah


                                                23th free !

                                                Killing Injoker-

                                                  idiot people with the numbers


                                                    25 now !!


                                                      27 eeee

                                                      ¡ Eℓ Kαίȵ  ♂

                                                        Count of asshole end now

                                                        Han Solo (shoots first)

                                                          I'm not sure about the talents yet -- they kind of initially felt like a massive balancing patch (they were!), but now it also feels imbalanced. Some of that is the shrine/jungle changes, but some of it is the talents.

                                                          NEED NEW META.


                                                            30! Love my +25% xp gain on vissage. You need levels so your birds don't get 1 hit! Fuck +90gpm. Kills get you all the gold you need.

                                                            Keep on counting! Do it for Dota. Who will be 31st?

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                                                              31! :P


                                                                33 :-(




                                                                    34th xd nerf tinker plox

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                                                                      My love GOGOGO!!!


                                                                        36th ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


                                                                          Recently won a game with Oracle because of the extra 2 seconds on false promise at lvl 25. Grabbed a divine and just barely won after we got all our raxes taken and most of my team was dead.


                                                                            38th hue hue


                                                                              this article should be named "all that die to pudge"


                                                                                lets go


                                                                                  Please, use less, commas, it really makes it, hard to read.

                                                                                  MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                                                                    A note on Lich:

                                                                                    Part of the reason that having the skadi effect on Lich is important and useful is because any amount of slowing will increase the number of times his ult will successfully bounce between heroes. Lich doesn't really have a good attack animation, or attack speed, but the amount of damage from an extra bounce makes up for those problems.

                                                                                    master of none

                                                                                      Waveform range vs replicate gap of 6% might be more selection bias than difference in strength. When morph is doing well it wants to buff itself (waveform). When morph is doing poorly it wants to replicate someone else.


                                                                                        Weaver level 25 talent is a massive game changer. you cannot kill him even with gem


                                                                                          I wonder how MMR can when I open it

                                                                                          Killing Injoker-

                                                                                            i do sorry guys this page 1 now closed.....
                                                                                            noob and gay comments on page 2