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General DiscussionDoes opening 5k still apply in patch in the

Does opening 5k still apply in patch in the in General Discussion

    Is this patch still valid opening 5k mmr for new accounts

    help me guys tq


      yes but u need 1 year dotaplus


        l i a r


          yes it still valid and can calibrate at 6k actually if u are that good. You don't need dota+


            2 years dotaplus actually, guaranteed 6k, even if you lost all of your calibration games.

            კომენტარი შეიცვალა

              Lol Kids now a days xD why not just buy dota plus 5 years and get 10 k guaranteed perma ?


                i have buy 5 years dola plus and i am here now :) u can actuality have 20 k mmr if u get dota plus for 10 years.


                  ^ yes bro, congrats on buying an account :) enjoy dropping to your mmr bracket


                    i got 1 year dota plus on smurf recalibrate from 4k to 6k with 5-5 score it works vro

                    clumsy net

                      first try go >40% winrate

                      clumsy net

                        this t guy looks like an account buyer, time for despacito


                          Nice Analysis :) no one think once that this is to calibrate Support MMR . what so ever u can calibrate up to 6 K mmr without buying anything Have fun .

                          Take my whores to the hot...

                            Was legend 3, bought 5years dota plus, and now i'm almost 7k.

                            Can confirm.