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Is feeding appropriate? in General Discussion
MvP smurf

    I'm a massive feeder but I like winning games... So far in the new ranking system I have 3 wins and 1 lose... One immortal also!


      ^ on another Note. I’m looking to venture in Vengy Support. Can you give me some tips?

      MvP smurf

        Ok... It's a bit of.. my late games with venge has been awful despite her being one the best available supports according to winrate.. but she is only picked 4.99% of the time so she a rare find these days.. I would say she is semi good at best because Ogre, Shadow shaman and perhaps lion are the best supports right now..

        That aside I suggest this build..

        Initial build is
        6 tangoes (give two away)
        1-2 wards (give 1 away)
        1 mango
        1-2 (iron branches)
        -Then you can't afford anything else I think..

        This is where it gets tricky and in my estimate you only need 1-2 items to play venge and those are
        arcane boots or etherlense.. (buy arcane boots, dismantle arcane boots and use the mana stone to build the ether. Then maby tranquil or arcane boots but the aim is to get etherlense)

        Most people go for forcestaff or glimmer cape.. I maintain focus on using ether to secure offpicks at random times because with the increased range u can catch the sniper standing in the back.. you might die but if sniper is dead etc...

        Stun becomes more efficient with ether..

        1-0-0-1-1 Stun
        0-1-0-0-0 Scout
        0-0-1-0-0 Aura
        0-0-0-0-0-1 Swap
        And then its up to you

        Items I consider are
        Tome of Knowledge
        Medallion of Courage - Solar crest
        Aghanims scepter
        Vladmir's Offering
        Glimmer cape - forcestaff
        Crimson Guard
        Pipe of insight

        And thats about it.. These last items are optional because:
        1.i dont get enough gold because i buy wards
        2. Your team usually buys these items before u can
        3. You're not a carry.

        Playwise i deem venge to be a chase secure kind of hero which aligns with my choice of ether and tranquil boots.. You main purpose is to maintain appropriate range for strategic swapping and stunning. Make sure that you keep an eye on movement and what skills has been used.


        MvP smurf

 - Asylum

          I can see you went tranquil boots but first a bracer...
          Right now I'm trying to cheapen the amount of mana I use but venge in mid game "wants" to have a mana item in my estimate.

          Mana at level 15: 531
          Swap(3) = 200 mana
          Stun(4) = 130 mana
          Wave of terror(4) = 40 mana
          1+1+1= 334 mana (531-334=194)
          Which means u can afford either 1 stun, 1 wave or
          with some regen 1 swap..
          Boosting mana with either force or euls gives aidditional abilities but doesnt improve your natural spellcasting..

          Options are
          Forcestaff - 120 mana (force costs 100 mana) – 2250 gold
          Euls - 120 mana (cyclone costs 175 mana) – 2750 gold
          Arcane boots 250 mana and 160 mana to everyone in range every 55 s – 1400 gold
          Ether lense - 450 mana – 2350 gold

          One lvl 4 stun costs 130 mana means that only arcane and etherlense improve your manapool significantly!

          arcane gives 2 (+1)
          ether gives 3,46..

          IN terms of value of item I use opendotas item statistics for best accuracy. Keep in mind that actually getting the items within a reasonable timeframe is crucial..


          Based solely on the price and the mana gain Arcane boots solves a lot of problems early and evolving it into an etherlense is somehow a good evolution if the team doesnt desperately need an additional arcane boots on the team.

          IN terms of forcestaff for saving allies.. Swapping can work. The real reason why I dont use glimmer or force so often is because of the extra micro. As far as I'm concerned offering stun, swap, aura should be enough and to focus on the gameplay rather then using silly items that never work :P.. (Better to build and play yourself to get an early "chasing" or "fighting" advantage by making you a fighter then to barely chicken out. But I almost never use glimmer och force because FUCK YOU.

          I go for offensive power and strategic management with fewer but more effectively used resources.. -Support

          My build for the day.
          -Arcane boots into etherlens