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How to counter lastpick brood? in General Discussion

    Is it best just to queue dodge in this situation? I've never been able to win against a last pick brood. The hero is completely unstoppable unless countered heavily in the draft. He farms ridiculously fast, is impossible to gank unless you are an incredibly well coordinated 5-stack, and shits on pretty much everyone at all stages of the game. What do you do in these scenarios where the enemy has such an insurmountable advantage from the drafting phase?


      Brood Mother usually play around her spiderlings. ES is a good pick but most broodplayers would know not to play into an ES but there are other heroes like Lina & bristle or Axe which do well with clearing spiderlings. If you're playing support Pugna is also a really good pick since Brood has no magical damage & you can simply ghost yourself & kill spiderlings with Netherblast. Necro is also a decent pick as the more you kill the tougher you get. Carries should get a battle fury & Underlord just stops them all in their tracks for firestorm to eat into them not to mention more creeps you kill the tankier you get and the more harder you hit.


        Thanks for the hero suggestions, but my question is mainly about when brood gets lastpick - i.e. you can't counterpick in the draft phase

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          Try not lose the lane, play safely and try to stack camps between waves and take it to late game. Since you can't catch brood ezly your team needs to win other lanes you take it to late. Other than that just have patience against brood.

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            hope the brood is a retard, try ur hardest to cling to life in the 15-25 minute phase. afaik she gets less retardedly dominant as the game continues, just like meepo

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              Lane, send melee stout shield to ruin her lane.
              Mid game, shove lane deeper and siege towers with team, the more the merrier. Depending on which team scales better and momentarily stronger, you decide how hard you wanna push or just play cat and mouse.

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                    9 pick kunkka everytime. Easy counter to 10 brood or 10 meepo


                      brood can push 3 lanes at midgame like naga siren or tb so that maybe not realistic

                      need to hunt her after u win her lane so she stop jungling and low farm,can put sentries also


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                          You can go Axe. Then place a sentry in the jungle near your mid camp. Had a game where mid left and went down as Axe lvl 2. Destroyed him completely.

                          Also you can pick pudge just increase your flesh + rot and buy bracer. He cant do anything against you.

                          Be agressive vs him think most bm players dont expect that these 2 heroes can win mid vs him.