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General DiscussionWhat hero has the best talents in the game?

What hero has the best talents in the game? in General Discussion
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    Imo it's Kunkka, all of his talents are really good. He also has probably one of if not the best level 10 talent in the game.


      some support talents are so stupid, like cm and lion. they may not work with the hero itsself but theyre just good talents overall. but i think ogre 90gpm is pretty awesome

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          Ck probably

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            Dont think there is a best because most support talents are pretty stupid op.
            And yea tusk has some next lvl shit


              Blood suka

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                Invoker 5 second cold snap is OP

                Lantern of Dreams

                  Nature's Prophet's talents are amazing too

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                    Warlock has pretty good talents too

                    Goku Black

                      Crystal Maiden


                        This list isn't at all comprehensive, but here are some of my thoughts:

                        Broken Tier:

                        Chaos Knight
                        Wind Ranger
                        Storm Spirit (though it should be noted that overload pierces immunity is the single worst talent in the entire game)

                        Great Tier

                        Kunkka (was god tier due to #s, but recent nerfs shift it down a tad)
                        Wraith King
                        Brood Mother
                        Shadow Shaman
                        Luna (try the caster build, it's seriously legit at times)
                        Lion (would be god tier, but the level 25 talent AOE hex talent just doesn't come into play often enough)

                        Decent Tier

                        Nature's Prophet

                        Mediocre Tier

                        Razor (seriously has some underwhelming talent choices)
                        Night Stalker (the #s are not bad, but he only gets 2 skill upgrading talents, both of which are at level 25).
                        Vengeful Spirit

                        Bad Tier

                        Riki (the #s are just so bad, outside of smoke screen CDR, it feels like none of his talents have any impact).

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                          Tusk, Viper, Queen of Pain, Crystal Maiden, Warlock, Undying

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                            NP talents are indeed ridiculous


                              Jakiro? 40% xp at 15, 150 GPM at 20, option for infinite stun or megadamage on lvl 25....


                                Warlock talents are ridiculously good. +60% experience gain in unreal, and having 4-5 Golems with magic immunity can completely wreck the enemy in the late game.

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                                  Faceless Void... time walk cd at lvl 15 is OP, backtrack talent is OP too

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                                    wisp used to be indisputable #1 most busted when he had aghs tether, but he still gets spirit slow/damage, armor, attack tether ally target which is pretty broken

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                                      True warlock talents are insane

                                      Fuka suginai o nīchan

                                        Had a game as weaver vs a warlock, if i didnt go daedalus we actually would have lost the game, none had the dmg to deal with them. Those golems deal insane dmg and are srsly tanky.


                                          I think that the strongest are the early (lvl 10/15) XP talents.

                                          One hero that wasnt mentioned is Tide. It gives him 2 ways to go - spellcaster/utility or damage dealer.
                                          He can become utility/spellcaster - Gush with 360 damage, -12 armor, 40% slow spell, which can have huge AOE on 5sec CD (with aghs and CDR talent). I might try that with octarine core - 4 sec cooldown on Gush and 84 seconds on Ravage might be quite impactful.
                                          He can become burst hero and use those -12 armor to crit for 2k with +250 damage talent.
                                          He can become frontline tank with kraken shell and anchor smash talents.

                                          A lot of options to go with and huge lvl 25 talents - if you are snowballing, you can burst even tankiest heroes.

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                                              Tide shouldn't be played anything but gush/xp/gush/250 & stomp the game with early scepter/soulring.


                                                Tidehunter and Queen of pain


                                                  Axe bh doom dk drow earthshaker ember void io kunka lion luna. Magnus meepo mk Np night stalker od pa phoenix pudge riki sf sky slardar sniper storm ta tb timber tiny tusk ursa venom viper warlock weaver ek zeus