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Ancient 7 with 8 immortals unranked in General Discussion

    I'm honestly confused why I'm with 8 immortals despite the highest rank in this account only being Divine 2. Matchmaking what the actual fuck. It was 5 immortals vs 3 immortals(+me and a smurf) with the highest being goddamn top >80! It sure as heck ended well with 0-13-13 = = . Has this happened to anyone? being matched up with people waaaay higher than their mmr?


      Every week in Tier 6 we hit at least 1 stack of smurfs


        they probably have low party mmr

        Thara Ak-Var

          it is not even ranked matchmaking

          Mind Kontol

            LOBBY TYPE


              you still have an mmr in unranked its just hidden


                you have unranked solo, unranked party, ranked solo and ranked party mmrs. there was a blog post from valve years ago showing mmr distribution and that it hadn't changed.


                  So it's a separate mmr different from your actual visible ranked mmr? I am aware of hidden mmr but I didn't expect the variance to be that big. I calibrated Ancient 7 in pt mmr if that means anything(Lazy to solo).

                  Mind Kontol

                    Yes, ive seen crusaders get matched with 7ks lmao


                      I play vs rank top 100 or rank 300-400
                      you can meet pros here easily too


                        Unranked matchmaking is a joke. It is impossible to consistently get good balanced games, if any at all.
                        You might as well play ranked on another account.

                        Turbo is the only mode worth playing because pro stacks rarely queue turbo and if you get a bunch of ancients the gamemode makes it significantly easier to solo carry without putting as much effort.


                          I don't get the issue. I'm assuming since you're high ancient you want to climb, but don't want to play against better people? No one takes unranked seriously anyway, isn't that the point?


                            It's not really "I don't want to play with better people", more so "Why am I matched with people whose skill level is way higher than mine" which has already been answered. Thanks!


                              "Turbo is the only mode worth playing because pro stacks rarely queue turbo"
                              please valve make this happe nfor real im getting insanity from my carvern heroes and fighting insane peoples

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