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    So some of you might know and some might not, but i just recently discovered that medal designs are taken from items in dota2,
    the obvious one is tango in herald and rapier in divine.
    But actually all of them have one like Crusader is taken from ring of aquilla
    Legend is from BKB
    Ancient = manta style.
    Immortal = aegis
    But i cant figure out the guardian and archon.
    anyone have thoughts about what these medal might be inspired from?

    თემა შეიცვალა

      guardian is ring of protection or buckler i think archon is probably eaglesong

      Pronocol (2020 version)

        guardian buckler
        archon euls

        Marshall doesn't Mather

          kinda strange that valve made divine medal based on rapier and not on the much more renowned dotabuff blue star


            @Arian yeah i think u got it right, buckler and euls.


            Princess of Austria-Hungary

              We had a thread like this before and it kinda staggered me that ppl didnt notice this before?

              Sartin Mcorsese

                II only noticed tango and rapier and manta. Because im all of those ranks

                Sartin Mcorsese

                  How the hell is legend bkb


                    I never even noticed that the medals are based on items

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