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Cant get out 3.5k in General Discussion

    Any suggestion here how can i get out 3.5 solo? My highest so far is 3.8 but it goes back to 3.5, Any tips for grinding? Should I buy dota plus?


      you should appreciate your rank.


        Ok i am new account and still no mmr and the max calibration is 3.5k only.

        Question: if i buy DotA plus it is possible that the max mmr i can get is 4999


          actual pepegas.

          the better spidey

            I played Dota 2 from 2012 and until 2016 I never reached 4k. I’m 5k now.

            1) Find a role(s) you enjoy and stick with it. If you’re particularly stubborn Ranked Roles might help.
            2) Have a gameplan.
            3) Streamline your mechanics. Don’t underestimate proper and consistent hotkeys etc.
            4) Never skimp on efficiency. If you don’t Tread Switch as a core for example, that’s why you’re stuck in 3,5k. I am not even kidding.