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    ^as the tittle says i have several question about invoker cataclysm

    first of all, basic question

    1. how to use cataclysm effectively?

    second is about cataclysm quick cast question

    well actually i just want to ask this

    as you already now that using cataclysm is press sunstrike twice


    with quick cast you need to cast it to invoker

    so how can i use cataclysm with duoble click without turn off my quick cast


      dunno,cast it to invoker?

      er,the best way to use catalysm is when enemy jumped in,used their bkb
      you do that,either they die from 9999999 damage or they retreat and waste their time
      usually people after jumping in with bkb is like their brain is dead and they just let their hero do their stuff

      or you can do those tornado+catalysm but so hard
      or folow combos


        maybe tornado+icewall+cata?


          Use it when multiple/important to kill heroes are stunned.

          Use alt+hotkey to selfcast

          SOLO KING

            tornado cata is the best way to execute. practice tornado combo timings, bread n butter for invoker players.


              tornado > meteor > cataclysm > blast, fairly easy to execute honestly.

              Smart double tap is the setting that lets you double tap cataclysm, or you can Ctrl+D


                okay i go tornado>meteor>cata then

                i always go tornado>cata,so stupid


                  i go tornado icewall cata lel




                      You can use alt+d orr alt+t depending on your hotkeys if you are a legacy user use alt+t if not alt d

                      PRAISE THE SUN!

                        Aoe stun + refresher shard + cataclysm = gg

                        oof ow ouchie

                          I like tornado cataclysm, when u have the lvl 25 nado talent u can use it to set up anything really